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4 Wedding Hair Tips for Brides and Bridesmaids

 Happy Friday guys! Today we’re back to share some exciting Wedding Hair Tips for all the Brides and Bridesmaids out there! The stylish team at Glamour.com have put together a list of ways to save money and some tips on how to coordinate your bridal party hair without making it look too matchy matchy. Checkout the goods below!


Checkout all the tips from the Glamour Wedding Team!

Tip #1: Retro glamour is having a moment.
“Lately, the most asked-for look by bridesmaids is a heavy side part with Hollywood ‘S pattern’ waves, and one side pinned behind the ear,” says Rummo. “For brides, simple, clean, and elegant updos are the newest trend, such as a low chignon with a defined, clean side part, pulled away from the face. No tendrils or wispies anymore!”

Tip #2: Bridesmaids don’t need to match their hairstyles.
“Bridesmaids are definitely doing their own thing these days. It goes along with trend that bridesmaids are selecting their own dress styles now and just coordinating the color and/or fabric.”

Tip #3: Bridesmaids can save on at least one salon visit.
A lot of bridesmaids are thrilled to participate in their friends’ weddings, but not so thrilled about all of the expenses that add up. One thing you can skimp on is visiting the salon twice, as you don’t need to make separate appointments for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day. “To avoid visiting two days in a row, go for a voluminous, tighter wave at your rehearsal dinner. Then, on the wedding day, you’ll still have wave and body left in your hair to execute a simple half-up, half-down look or pull hair into a low ponytail.”

Tip #4: When in doubt, this style works for everyone.
“A simple half-up, half-down look is that all-encompassing style. The hair is down in the back, giving a level of comfort to those who are afraid of wearing their hair in a updo.”