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5 Wedding Traditions that will Never Die!

Happy Monday guys! From the cake to something borrowed and something blue, every couple chooses to incorporate wedding traditions in their own way. It’s always exciting to see how they evolve over the years and today we wanted to share this fun list from our friends over at The Knot on 5 Wedding Traditions That Will Never Die – and Why! Any guesses? Keep reading below to find out!


The Knot’s Number 1: The Cake

The sweetest part of the wedding day dates back to ancient Greece when couples shared crushed sesame cakes to ensure fertility and the concept evolved into the confection we know and love today. And while the wedding cake might look like anything — from a three-tiered buttercream cake to a cupcake tower, or even a stack of doughnuts — the idea behind the wedding cake is still intact. In other words, sharing something sweet together on your wedding day with each other and your guests is a symbol of your union that’ll never go out of style.

Fresh New Idea: “We’re not cake fans (I even own a bakery), so we didn’t really want cake. I’m making a small cutting cake so we can have that tradition, but then we’re breaking all the rules. I have some friends who opened a self-serve frozen yogurt place in town a few years ago and last year they started doing mobile events. Everyone gets a 6oz serving and can then pile on as much toppings (we get 5) as they want! We can even choose up to 8 flavors and if we don’t serve it all, no big deal, they’ll use it in the store!” – snowdaisy822