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Black & White Photos

I have been playing around with the brand new Lightroom 4 from Adobe, and I must say there is a lot to love, and learn. One of the new items that caught my eye was the Infrared filter. I have been using black and white Infrared cameras for years, for the dreamy quality that it offers. Also over the years I have tried a few short cuts, namely digital filters applied afterwards on the computer. For the most part I never really liked the filtered results, until now! This new Lightroom filter offers a soft ethereal feel to outdoor photos. It does not work on all photos well, but seems to work great with images that have great soft lighting. I doubt I will stop shooting Infrared in the camera, as that is part of the fun. But it is nice to know that if I want to add in the effect afterwards I can do it! The image on the right is using the Infrared filter, the image on the left is the original image.