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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Wedding Cupcakes

One of the fun new trends that I see at weddings is cupcakes. The wedding cake is still king, but long live the cupcake! You can easily match the color scheme of your wedding with color frosting or toppings. The trend that I see most often is a tiered platform full of cupcakes, with one for each guest. Another idea is to spell out the bride and groom's names with the cupcakes. Plus if there are any left over, it is pretty easy to have cupcakes to go....

8 tips for better people photos

1-Use your flash outdoors. This helps fill in dark shaded areas that often happen from harsh sunlight. This especially works well when doing people photos at twilight or in front of a sunset. If your flash is too weak, then consider over exposing a bit or moving closer to subjects. Most cameras have a twilight setting, or you can activate the flash so that it always fires. 2-When photographing people outdoors it is best to place them in even shade. Not only will it be cooler on hot summer...

Wedding Fireworks

Here are a few photos from my most recent wedding. It is tricky getting a good photo of both fireworks, and a bride and groom at the same time. Here is how I did it: -The most important thing is to use a tripod as many of the photos were for 5 seconds or more. -Set the shutter to BULB. This allows the shutter to stay open as long as you like. -Focus on your subjects in the foreground, but compose the photo to allow the fireworks to fill in above...

Fisheye Fun

Here is a fun photo that Wendy took at a recent wedding. Our bride Karen and all of her attendants, and her daughter and mother, had all stuffed them selves into a small elevator at the back of the church. Technically the photo is not great, but the image itself is fun. Only a Fish-eye lens would have been wide enough to fit everyone in the frame. I love this shot, as it captures a small window of time forever, a moment that otherwise would have been shortly...