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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

The day after your wedding

The day after your wedding. Life gets back to normal. So many hours and years of planning, and now your are married. It went so quickly! The wedding lasted a few short but wonderful hours! Today your guests have gone home. The flowers are not quite as lovely as yesterday. The tuxes go back, the cake is eaten, the limo has gone. The dress gets pressed and stored away. But you have your memories. You have the photos. You get to look at them everyday on your wall....

Fun Fun Fun

Weddings should be fun! Maybe during the ceremony is not the right time, but once at the reception, lets party. A good DJ or band can help "get this party started". Plus it makes for great photos! A fun photographer can suggest unique and innovative poses. Picking up the bride or groom is always a crowd favorite. As is the jump photo pictured below. Maybe you do the chicken dance, or form a wedding train at the reception. Consider hiring a photo booth. Maybe your dog will be...

Top 10 photo tips for amateur photographers

1-Use your flash outdoors. This helps fill in dark shaded areas that often happen from harsh sunlight. This especially works well when doing people photos at twilight or in front of a sunset. If your flash is too weak, then consider over exposing a bit or moving closer to subjects. Most cameras have a twilight setting, or you can activate the flash so that it always fires. 2-When photographing people outdoors it is best to place them in even shade. Not only will it be cooler on hot summer...

Little Wedding Details

Here are a few close-ups from Charlie and Kelly's wedding on December 25th. We always try to capture the important little details that highlight a bride and grooms day. Small things like this are often forgotten, but the photos help keep that memory alive!  These are taken using natural light. Wendy and I used a Pentax 77mm lens, and also a Pentax 100mm lens. These two "magic" lenses, offer the best natural light rendition, and optical quality on the planet! The wedding took place at the Essex Resort...