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Prime Time! My first wedding!!!

I just photographed my first all Prime wedding! I am referring to using prime lenses, instead of zoom lenses. Prime lenses have no zoom, so there are no compromises. They only do one thing, and do it well! In the past I carried a few prime lenses with me to each wedding, but they mostly stayed in the bag. I brought them out occasionally, but mostly used my Nikon zoom lenses. Not anymore! The reason photographers loves zoom lenses is because they are convenient. But prime lenses are better! I used 3 cameras, each with a different lens. I used a 35mm wide-angle lens, 50mm normal lens, and a 135mm telephoto lens. Plus a 20mm super-wide. The optical quality of these lenses is vastly superior to zoom. Not only are they sharper, but they also have better skin rendering-so soft and beautiful. They are also much better in low light, and offer up very romantic and dreamy backgrounds. Since they are so good when the lights go down, we don’t need to use flash as much. I always prefer natural light!It all started when I realized that all of my favorite images were done with prime lenses! I had always thought that it would be great to do an all prime wedding, but lacked the proper lenses! Then I bought the remarkable Sigma 135mm Art lens! The optics and light gathering capabilities are amazing. So I went for it! I will never go back!

My first prime wedding was with Nicole and Cody. Most of my weddings are in Vermont, but this wedding was at the Woodside Barn in Altona New York. It is part of the Rainbow Wedding & Banquet Hall. Big Show Productions supplied the DJ, video and photobooth. Davye Huckett was the musician.