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Top 10 photo tips for amateur photographers

1-Use your flash outdoors. This helps fill in dark shaded areas that often happen from harsh sunlight. This especially works well when doing people photos at twilight or in front of a sunset. If your flash is too weak, then consider over exposing a bit or moving closer to subjects. Most cameras have a twilight setting, or you can activate the flash so that it always fires.

2-When photographing people outdoors it is best to place them in even shade. Not only will it be cooler on hot summer days, but the lighting will be more even. A bright sunny day is great for a wedding, but the harsh sun can be troublesome on your photos. Use your flash.

3-The background is just as important as the subjects. Avoid phone poles, wires, exit signs, trashcans, ashtrays, etc.

4-Turn your camera vertical when you are photographing small groups. Horizontal for large groups. Shoot from above when possible for real large groups.

5-Have a charged extra battery and bring it with you. The worst place for a spare battery is at home.

6-Be in your own photo. Buy a tiny little tripod so you can place your camera on a tabletop or railing. Then select the timer mode and away you go.

7-Always take multiple images. Never take just one. For big groups take 3 or 4 images or more.

8-Indoors try turning your flash off and shoot at a higher ISO. This is tricky as higher ISOs can give you bad noise. I always prefer natural light when possible, but of course it is not always possible. It is never a bad idea to try some with flash as well, just in case.

9-Try different angles. Get down on your knee or on your belly and shoot up. This works great with kids as it gets you on their level. Or, raise the camera above your head and shoot down. This can work well if your camera has a rotating LCD screen, or with a little practice you can just aim your camera and previsualize what the camera is seeing. best to try things at wide angle until you get the hang of it.

10-Keep your camera with you. The best camera is the one you have with you, and the worst camera is the one you left at home.