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What is best for a wedding?

A client recently asked me what my favorite lens is to use at a wedding. That is not an easy answer, as each has its own strengths. So here are a few thoughts about the 8 lenses that I use often. Each is mounted to a camera, so it is very easy to have the perfect lens for the perfect moment.
-Pentax 77 this is my natural light lens of choice. Amazing sharpness and low light capabilities! This limited edition lens has “magical” qualities and has achieved cult status.
-Pentax 135 similar in quality and status to the 77, but with more telephoto capabilites! Not quite as good as the 77 in dark rooms.
-Pentax 100 macro has similar sharpness to the 77 and 135, but with added amazing close-up macro features.
-Nikon 10mm fish-eye just because fish-eye images are cool!
-Nikon 35mm this lens is small and sharp and good in dark lighting. It is on one of our Infrared cameras.
-Nikon 70-200 this is our sharpest zoom telephoto lens. One of Nikon’s sharpest lenses!
-Nikon 18-200 this is a very versatile lens that gets lots of action.
-Sigma 17-70 is very small and compact, with excellent sharpness, good macro abilities, and nice available light qualities.
These cameras and the rest of our equipment all fit in just 2 bags. We also have a small pocket infrared camera as well!