About Us

We are Real Vermonters and a Husband and Wife Team!

Geoff McLoughlin
Geoff McLoughlin
Artistic | Techy | Quirky
I am always aware and envisioning the next great candid moment unobtrusively! I am playful and upbeat, creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.
A lifelong Vermonter, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of portraits during my career. When not working I love playing soccer, trail running and working out at the gym. I have a fondness for spicy ethnic food, dark beer and pretty much any Masterpiece production from PBS.
Wendy McLoughlin
Happy | Smile Maker | Outgoing
My wife Wendy is upbeat and social, she has the knack to make others smile, calm frayed nerves, and she adds her feminine touch. She’s constantly on the lookout for the little details that make a big difference. As a second photographer, she can cover an alternate location or an entirely different perspective. Wendy has covered hundreds of weddings, and candids are her specialty.
Wendy is also a native Vermonter, with lots of nearby family. Wendy also has a family camp on the lake in Burlington, with the perfect sunset view! Wendy enjoys gardening and being out in nature no matter the season! When she is not behind the camera she is a professional gardener for a handful of faithful loyal clients. She is a gin and tonic fan at heart, especially in the summer!
Wendy McLoughlin
Mama the dog
Curious | Friendly | Playful
MaMa is a 16 year old 3-legged beagle. She is in charge of taking her humans for walks by getting me off the computer, and Wendy out of the garden. She is also in charge of security, with an occasional whimper or growl. She likes sniff walks, sleeping and eating. She loves being outside. She also watches soccer games with Geoffrey, but mostly sleeps through it. She can smell and see a piece of kibble clear across the room!
Associate Photographers
You may also select from a handful of Associate Photographers. Portfolios are available for JL, Danielle, Jon, Jessica, Zach, Andraya, Kelsey and Chris.
barn with rainbow
Stop On By
Visit our circa 1860s barn studio!
We live in South Burlington in a farmhouse that dates back to 1797. Shortly after moving here in 1998, we renovated the barn for the studio. Our property has many great gardens, thanks to Wendy’s green thumb, and is a perfect setting for portraits. Great for rustic or moody photos, our massive post and beam barn has lots of natural light. Geoff uses a large 5×8 window and a few reflectors to help sculpt the light artistically. Come visit our showroom which has over a dozen sample albums and many large framed wall portraits. All you need to bring is a list of questions ~ we look forward to meeting you.