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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Fun Fun Fun

Weddings should be fun! Maybe during the ceremony is not the right time, but once at the reception, lets party. A good DJ or band can help "get this party started". Plus it makes for great photos! A fun photographer can suggest unique and innovative poses. Picking up the bride or groom is always a crowd favorite. As is the jump photo pictured below. Maybe you do the chicken dance, or form a wedding train at the reception. Consider hiring a photo booth. Maybe your dog will be...

First Dance

Here is another photo from the wedding of Pat and Jenna. I like this photo as it was taken under very dark lighting conditions. I used an 85mm lens that is amazing when the lights are dim. No flash was used, as that would spoil the warmth and depth of this natural light image. ...

Walk around camera

We recently got a Canon G12 as a walk around camera. It is smaller than our large pro cameras and lenses, so we can toss it in a pocket. Here are some infrared images that Wendy took with it while she was out walking around in South Burlington recently. Pretty funky!...