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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Wedding Trivia

Here is a neat idea from Jesse and Aly's wedding. At the reception, the maid of honor and the bestman had the bride and groom go back to back, each holding one of their shoes. Questions such as "who takes out the trash" and "who is better with the check book" were asked. After each question, they each had to hold up a shoe. The shoe represents which of them was most likely to take out the trash, or who was better with finances, etc. These newlyweds went 8...

Gotta Wear Shades!

A few more photos from Jenna and Pats wedding. All it took was a little bit of attitude and some dark sunglasses. Throw in a bit of fun you have some great photos. The last photo has the bride and grooms champagne glasses in the reflection. I did not set that photo up, but rather moved the sunglasses about one inch to get a better reflection....

Wedding Album Pages

Here are a few album pages from the wedding album of Aly and Jesse. Each page has a combination of color and Infrared images. Using two cameras, I like to capture color and Infrared images at the same time. I love the milky charcoal tones! The bottom two images are designs for the album cover. Of course, I like the one on the right!...