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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Let it rain!

It rained all day, but I was still able to get a few cool outdoor photos with Hannah and Brad. They were married on Saturday at the Allenholm Orchard in South Hero. Most of the day was spent under the tent, but we managed to sneak out for a few minutes when the rain let up a bit. The top 2 images are done with one of our infrared cameras, and the bottom 3 are regular color. I love the top image which is unadjusted and straight out...

Natural light wedding photography

Here are a few posed photos from a recent wedding. The camera was on a tripod to prevent camera shake and blurriness. Each exposure was almost one second long, so I asked our bride and groom to stay very still. I made sure to turn off the flash as that would have ruined the effect. These photos were taken on the Northern Lights cruise ship....

Fisheye Fun

The image below is an album page spread from Erin and Aaron's wedding album. They were married at Shelburne Farms. Prior to the wedding itself, the entire wedding party was goofing around the pool table, and I suggested a group photo. I had everyone surround the pool table. I used a Fish-eye lens to get the entire group in the image. I tried a few with flash, but that ruined the mood that I was looking for. I placed the camera on the pool table and angled it...

Dancing the night away!

One fun thing I like to do at a wedding is to turn my flash off to try and capture some natural light photos on a crowded dance floor. This works best if the DJ has some lights flashing around the room. It may take quite a few attempts, to get a good one, but with a litle bit of trial and error you can do some neat effects. Here is one of my favorites from this spring, showing bride Kristina out on the dance floor having a...