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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

New Camera

I have had my new infrared camera for a few weeks and I love it! I had a Canon G12 camera modified with a "super blue" Infrared filter. Foliage turns a blazing golden color, but skies remain blue. Below are 3 photos from the recent wedding of Shannon and Steve. The top image Wendy took with our other infrared camera, which renders a more traditional black and white infrared effect-still pretty cool. The middle image was taken with the new camera-a completely new look. The bottom image was...

Hand Tinting

One of the most requested photos that I am asked about are black and white photos with just a touch of color. This can add a real nice touch to an already dramatic photo. But, it can also be over-done, or even worse, done poorly. If the colors are too vivid, it can look unnatural. I like it best when the colors are muted, which can look like an old photo that has faded, or perhaps a photo from the first part of last century that was photographed...

Cheap Sunglasses

Dont forget the shades! What a great inexpensive and fun idea. Get a bunch for your whole wedding party. Funky colors can add a great whimsical feeling to your wedding, and to your photos. Might as well have a bit of attitude, why not it is your wedding day! -Geoff- ...

New Infrared Camera

I finally got my new Infrared camera, and this is the first test shot of our house and parking lot. Not a very exciting scene, but with Infrared it is pretty neat! This new camera is designed for color infrared, whereas our other infrared camera is for black and white. The top image below, has been modified in Lightroom. The bottom image is straight out of the camera. A bit too Velveeta cheese yellow for my taste, but I can always tweak that down in post production. I...