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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Fisheye Fun

Here is a fun photo that Wendy took at a recent wedding. Our bride Karen and all of her attendants, and her daughter and mother, had all stuffed them selves into a small elevator at the back of the church. Technically the photo is not great, but the image itself is fun. Only a Fish-eye lens would have been wide enough to fit everyone in the frame. I love this shot, as it captures a small window of time forever, a moment that otherwise would have been shortly...

Close up

I love taking closeup photos of little babies! These two images were taken while this little baby was sleeping, just hours before her mother was getting married. I love being able to capture a moment in time in a babies life. They are only this tiny for such a short period of time! I used a Macro lens for these close-ups. ...

Hurricane Irene

Lets face it, bad stuff happens some times! Just take a look at what happened this past weekend. From a photographers stand point, I can not help but think about what happened to the photos. Of course there were much worse things going on this past weekend, than just losing photos. But on the other hand, it would be nice if all of those photos were backed up somehow. Most photos can not be replaced unless someone else also has copies. I have a couple...