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New Infrared Camera

So i just bought a new Canon G12 camera, and I am sending it in for a brand new Super Blue Infrared conversion. This new conversion combines normal sky blue color with a very unique and color infrared mixture. This new conversion has never been available before and I am very excited about it. I plan to use it for artsy wedding photos, as well as trendy senior portraits. Follow this link for the very first published photos using this new conversion. Photos by David Beckstead: Super Blue Infrared...

Check out this website!

This guy does amazing color Infrared images. I have been admiring his work for years. At present I am doing mostly black and white Infrared images. They do actually start out as color images, but the color images are often so bizarre that they look best toned sepia or traditional black and white. What I like about his work, is that he has a new filter process that allows him to get stunning color infrared images directly out of the camera! This is a technique I hope to...