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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Thank You

Here is a great idea for a Thank You photo to send to your wedding guests. Make up a sign with a bright and colorful Thank You on it. Be sure to get lots of good photos with it, and have your photographer do a few artsy touches to your favorite image. You can make up 4x6 or 3x5 prints to include with your Thank You note. Just a reminder, Ritz Camera offers 6 cent 3x5 prints on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This photos above and below are from...

Stowe Wedding

Kristina and Michael were recently married on May 29 at the Stoweflake in Stowe Vermont. This is one of my favorite weddings to date! A perfect day with great people and many photo opportunities. Follow this link to check out over 1,700 photos from their wedding day: Try the slideshow! ...

Wedding Photo Album

Perhaps the most important items in your house are your photos. Perhaps the most important photos are from your wedding. Certainly in years to come they become more valuable and take on family heirloom status. They may not have financial value like gems or jewelry, but the emotional value is incredible. Nothing packs an emotional punch like a great wedding album. Unfortunately, many brides and grooms are looking for photographers that do not produce an album, because it is cheap. I find that most cheap things are not good,...

Your wedding dinner

Another recommendation for photographers is to take photos of the food that is served at a wedding. Without the photos, you will soon forget these little details that you spent so much time and thought planning. Certainly, photos of your food is not the most critical photos of the day, but they are nice to have. That is what the photos are for, to help you remember your wedding day in years to come! The photos below are from Jessa and Clay's wedding at the Middlebury Inn, from...