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11 ways to look your best in photos!

11 ways to look your best in photos! 1-Get plenty of sleep the night before the shoot. No one looks good with bags under their eyes.2-Drink lots of water before the shoot. Water helps hydrate the skin and tends to minimize smile lines and wrinkles.3-Eat Watercress. Not only is it great in a salad, but it also has an immediate effect making your skin look fantastic.4-Turn your body sideways to the camera. This has a slimming effect as less of your body is showing. 5-Point your front foot towards the camera...

Introducing the amazing Young Book from Italy!

Check out the amazing Graphistudio Young Book from Italy, the coolest wedding album that I have ever seen! This sample has the amazing Maple cover material, which has a very slick wood-like surface. I decided to get a bit funky with this new sample and ordered a Fuchsia box, with a Lime album cover. The box has raised black ennoblement printing. You can feel the texture of the ennoblement. Another example with a black box and white album is also shown below. There are 73 cover options to choose...

10 Biggest Wedding Planning Blunders to Avoid

Happy Friday guys! We've got an exciting new blog series ready for you today - Wedding Planning Basics. We are around so many wedding influencers and have heard so many great tips and tricks from our bridal parties, its about time we shared them with all of you here. Every Friday tune back in for a new segment of wedding planning basics from food to dresses, locations, budgets, creating the right lists, the ring and more! Today we're talking about 10 very important Wedding Planning Blunders to Avoid....

A Vermont Wedding: Caitlin and Michael

Happy Tuesday guys! Today we're back to share another breathtaking Vermont wedding with you all. As the season comes to a close we are so excited to have met and shot so many amazing couples this year! Our latest day was spent with Caitlin and Michael at a lovely private residence in Belmont. Checkout a few of our favorite shots below!                                   The Wedding Roster: Caitlin Pietranico & Michael Rizzo Married and Reception - Private residence in Belmont, VT Portrait Gallery Photographer - Jay...