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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Linens and Tiaras and Bouquets, oh my!

A bride needs stuff for a wedding, and she also needs services! Our website offers an unbiased and free service to help get you that stuff, and find those services! You can view our photos showing all of the little wedding details that make each wedding special. There are also website links so you can find and browse each wedding vendor. Follow this link to view over 80 wedding vendors:  Stuff for your wedding!  ...

Your Vermont Wedding Reception

Are you looking for that perfect reception site for your wedding? What is it going to be? Perhaps on a boat! Maybe under a tent in a field of wildflowers! How about on top of a mountain? Perhaps a stately old barn? Whatever you are looking for, we can help! Follow these links to over 80 reception sites around the Vermont: A-H               I-S               S-P    ...

Tiffany and Shawn

Yes its true-Tiffany and Shawn got married! The weather outside was frightful, but by the fire was a wedding most delightful! They may not have gotten the perfect weather that they hoped for, but that is what often happens when you get married in March at a ski area in Vermont! But it was still a beautiful day, and everyone was very nice and had a great time. I want to thank Kara and the great staff at The Ponds for all of their help! Feel free to take...