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The Top 25 Most Expensive Places to Marry

The Knot never leaves us wanting when it comes to fun wedding facts. In a recent post they shared the 25 Most Expensive Places to Marry (within the US), and some results were surprising! Among the top contenders were Manhattan, Chicago, North/Central New Jersey, Long Island, and Rhode Island.  Does this list sound about right to you? What would you have guessed for the #1 most expensive place to marry? Let us know here or find us on Facebook!...

Wedding Inspiration

What inspires you? Old books? Fresh flowers? A great workout? It's very important to find out what inspires you so you can channel those things into your wedding day. Nothing is too small or grande and nothing is too old or too new...

Your wedding photos

The day after your wedding you have your memories. You have the photos. For the rest of your life you get to look at them on your walls. That wedding album is sure to become a family heirloom. In years and decades you have the photos. They are potentially the most valuable thing in your house. They cant be replaced, or done over. You can not upgrade later on! You are stuck with them for life, good or bad!! Just like having major surgery, you only get one...

Little Wedding Details

The difference between something good and something great is in the details! It is the little special touches that add that unique character. What do your little wedding details say about you? As a photographer I love to find little things that help tell your wedding story. Your rings, your shoes, your jewelry, your hair, and of course your flowers. All the little things that make your wedding uniquely yours! These photos were taken with a 50mm Olympus macro lens, and also a 100mm Pentax macro lens. These macro lenses allow for...