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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Little Wedding Details

The difference between something good and something great is in the details! It is the little special touches that add that unique character. What do your little wedding details say about you? As a photographer I love to find little things that help tell your wedding story. Your rings, your shoes, your jewelry, your hair, and of course your flowers. All the little things that make your wedding uniquely yours! These photos were taken with a 50mm Olympus macro lens, and also a 100mm Pentax macro lens. These macro lenses allow for...

4 things the groom should never do before his wedding!

1-Shave just before getting into his Tuxedo. I have seen many grooms with bloody faces who waited too long to shave. Shave at least one hour before donning your tux. 2-Get a haircut the day before the wedding. Just in case it looks bad, get the haircut one week before the wedding. 3-Get drunk the night before your wedding. Seems like a no-brainer, but I see it all of time. 4-Pick up the Tuxedo with out trying it on. Too many times the tuxedo is ill-fitting, or has been hemmed way...

Wedding must haves!

Be like a boyscout and be prepared for anything! Bring a bag of stuff just in case! Here are some pointers: -Bring extra comfy shoes just in case. -Don't be a starving bride, eat a big breakfast. -Bring extra water on hot days. -Bring a mini cooler with some cold washcloths for hot days. -Bring a mini sewing kit with white thread and scissors. Throw in a few band-aids. -Bring a white sheet to place under the bridal gown during photos. -Bring an umbrella or two. -Have one family member from each side be in charge...