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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Little Wedding Details

Here are a few close-ups from Charlie and Kelly's wedding on December 25th. We always try to capture the important little details that highlight a bride and grooms day. Small things like this are often forgotten, but the photos help keep that memory alive!  These are taken using natural light. Wendy and I used a Pentax 77mm lens, and also a Pentax 100mm lens. These two "magic" lenses, offer the best natural light rendition, and optical quality on the planet! The wedding took place at the Essex Resort...

50% off sale

Now is the time to order reprints from your holiday parties and family get-togethers! So copy those photos to your hard-drive. Of course, you know you should also be backing those photos up on a second hard-drive, and maybe to disc as well! Snapfish is having a 50% off sale on their entire website until January 6th. So start printing, and hand out some reprints to the folks that mean the most to you. Do it now, before you forget! Follow this link to save 50% off at...

Christmas Wedding in Vermont

Charlie and Kelly got married yesterday, on Christmas, at The Essex Spa and Resort. Here are two candid and one posed images from their special day. The dancing photo was taken using my "magic" 77mm Pentax lens. The closeup was taken using Wendy's 100mm Pentax lens. Those two images were taken using natural light. The posed image was taken using a Nikon camera and Sigma lens, along with a small burst of flash. ...