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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Vermont Wedding Dance

Here is a collage from Amy and Stephen's wedding album. It shows 3 photos taken with natural light. The lighting came from the DJs lights, and the one candle that the bride is holding. It takes 4 very important things to pull of a photo like this; A very steady hand, an image stabilized lens, a camera with fantastic low light capabilities, and a lens with great low light abilities. I used a Pentax K-5 and my "magic" 77mm lens. The Pentax K-5 has won numerous awards as...

2 for 1 gift certificates

We are having a quick special on Portrait gift certificates. Buy one at regular price and get a second one free. The only clause is the certificates must be used for seperate portrait sittings. Buy one for yourself, and give the other away. You can do the portrait any time in 2013. Good for: High School Seniors Family Kids Infants Engagement Business Call or email today! 864-4411 ...

Wedding Gown

One of the first images I always like to get at a wedding is the gown hanging. It seems to be waiting, expectant, and somehow emulates a brides dreams on her wedding day. Only when she dons the gown, does she really become "the bride". Then the magic begins...