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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Reception candids

Here are a few photos showing Vicky and Chris during their wedding reception. I did not want to use flash as that would ruin the mood, and the beautiful lighting. I used my 77mm Pentax lens of course. Quite possibly the best and sharpest lens on the planet for low light situations like this. I just love the lighting quality and the amazing sharpness of these images!! An image stabilized camera body helped achieve maximum sharpness. ...

Top 10 questions to ask a photographer before booking their services!

-What is your backup plan in case the photographer can not do the wedding due to illness, injury, etc? -How do you back up your digital images? -What is your cancellation policy? -Are images stored offsite? -Do you have ample backup equipment? -How many weddings have you photographed? -Do you have photos from our wedding sites? -How long are photos available online? -How much do extra prints cost? -How can our guests get photos?...