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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Natural light wedding photo

This photo was taken using my magical 77mm lens. I sat down on the floor and focused on the brides bouquet. The 77mm lens has such a great soft quality, and I knew that the bride and groom would go very soft in the background. Using a camera with a built in image stabilzer helped as it was very dark. Illumination came just from the few candles on their sweet-heart table. I also gave this image an Antique look in LightRoom. This photo from Andrea and John's wedding,...

New Slideshow Again!

I now have new slideshow on my home page. It has been trimmed down from 61 slides to 47 slides, in an effort to help the presentation start more quickly. I would love to hear your feedback! Here are a few questions on my mind: -Does the slideshow start fast enough? -Do you like the music? -Is the presentation to fast, to slow, or just right? Thank you in advance! Send me an email with your thoughts. ...