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New Slideshow Again!

I now have new slideshow on my home page. It has been trimmed down from 61 slides to 47 slides, in an effort to help the presentation start more quickly. I would love to hear your feedback! Here are a few questions on my mind: -Does the slideshow start fast enough? -Do you like the music? -Is the presentation to fast, to slow, or just right? Thank you in advance! Send me an email with your thoughts. ...

Hurricane Sandy

This is a quote from a rescue worker "During the recent natural disasters, weve seen families evacuting their homes, and their most valuable possesions, among them wedding albums." So keep those wedding albums safe! Archive your photos to the cloud. Things can be replaced. That is not always true with the photos. Your photos are your link to the past. Your photos document a time and memory of time gone by. Memories for now, but heirlooms of the future. ...

What to wear for your engagement portrait session!

Here are some general guidelines to help you prepare for your Portrait session: http://www.portraitgallery-vt.com/11-ways-to-look-your-best-in-photos Feel free to bring extra clothes to change in to. Dress comfortably. Outdoor portraits tend to be full length, so dress accordingly. But wear adequate shoes as we will be walking around my hilly property. For morning sessions, the grass may still be wet, so plan accordingly. As I often like to sit folks on the grass, it is not a bad idea to bring a second outfit to change into after the sitting is done,...