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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Wedding Album

Check out the album pages from Renae and Nathan's wedding album. Click Here This is a 50 page album, with no photo limit. I carefully selected all of the best images, and then designed the album for renae and Nathan. The final album will be printed in Italy by Graphistudio...

Fireworks Photos: a few tips

THE BEST WAY 1-Use a tripod. 2-Use the B setting. This allows you to keep the shutter open for a longer exposure. Point the camera where you feel the fireworks bursts will take place. Keep the camera shutter open for multiple bursts, and try to visualize where the bursts are in the frame. This can allow you to have multiple bursts in one photo. 3-Use a remote trigger cord if you can. This allows you to keep the shutter open without having to worry about moving or jiggling...

Fairy Tale Wedding

I was just working on Mallory and Matt's wedding photos, and I came across these 2 infrared images. Looks like a fairy tale wedding to me! Of course the horse and buggy helps set the scene. They looked pretty cool, so I started to play around a bit. I gave them a nice dark vignette in the corner, plus darkened down the blacks, and turned the color saturation down. I photographed these images with a regular color camera as well. ...