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Barn Swallows

Looks like there a total of 4 baby Barn Swallows again this year. Every year we get another nest or two in our barn. No pictures yet, as they not out of the nest yet, but I will post some once they take to the wing. Here is a link from last years new babies: Barn Swallows 2011...

Archiving your wedding photos

Don't lose your photos! Here are a few tips to help you preserve your wedding photos for generations to come; 1-Copy them to a few DVDs. Keep one in the home and give one to a close relative. Or burn lots of copies and pass them around to your close relatives. 2-Upload them to the cloud. 3-Copy them to a thumb drive. Keep them at the office. 4-Copy them to every computer that you have access to. 5-Place them in a fire safe, but keep in mind that in the event of a...

View Our Wedding Photos

Your entourage wants to see your wedding photos as soon as they can. So why not have some wedding day handouts that they can take home with them, as a reminder to check out your wedding photos. You can place them on your guest tables, or have a stack of them on your guest book table. The perfect take home reminder! ...