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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Candid Wedding Photos

So I got a chance to try out my new 180mm Nikon lens at a wedding on Saturday. Renae and Nathan got married at Saint Mary's church in Saint Albans, Vermont. I used the lens from the back of the church, and did available light images during their ceremony. The lens is razor sharp and very quiet. It allowed me to stay out of the way, yet still get the photos that I wanted. Here are a few sample photos. ...

Wedding Album

We have a new section on our website showing some of the highlights of our Italian album company Graphistudio. Follow this link: Graphistudio Of course, we have many Graphistudio sample albums in the studio for you to view, including the very popular metal cover. Grooms love it! Brides too!!...

Barn Swallows

We have a family of Barn Swallows in our barn again. Every year they make a nest in our barn, as the barn itself is a great place for the young fliers to first take wing. We also have a Phoebe family with a nest. We welcome both families, as they do not make much of a mess. Pigeons are another story...

Saturday weddings will cost you more!

If you are getting married on a Saturday, you will probably pay 20% to 30% more than getting married any other day of the week. Since most weddings are on a Saturday, it is pretty rare that you will find many great deals out there. However, change your wedding to a Friday or Sunday, and all of sudden prices start going down. Wedding vendors very often will give you a much better deal, either with a lower price, or a bunch of freebies thrown in. Another sneaky way...