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Real Vermont Weddings & MORE!

Little wedding details

Wendy just got a new camera that really shines when it comes to documenting the fine details from a wedding. Here are a few images from our two most recent winter weddings. The lens is a macro lens, is designed for tight closeups. It is also a nice telephoto lens, that shines in natural or dimly lit situations. The camera, a Pentax K-5, has built in image stabilization. This helps us get sharp images without having to use a tripod. ...

Need help planning a Vermont Wedding? Follow this link to see many different wedding vendors.

Are you planning a Vermont Wedding, or do you know someone who is? Perhaps I can help a bit. Follow the link to see the websites of many local wedding vendors. Also, I have thousands of photos that you can view highlighting local vendors. Looking for a Florist, DJ, Band, Jeweler, Bridal Shop, Caterer or whatever, I have photos that you can view. There are photos from 60 local wedding vendors! If you see a photo that you would like, you can download it directly to your computer....

Turn on your LOVE light

I love the warmth and feel of photos taken with natural light. Candle light is warm and soft and very romantic. The more candles the better. The more light the better. Do your photographer a favor and make sure there is plenty of soft warm light at your wedding. He or she will thank you for it, and in return you can thank him or her for the great photos. Everyone wins! Photo Tip: Use a tripod if possible. If not, be sure to turn your ISO up. Change...