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New Camera

I just bought Wendy a new camera. It will be great for weddings or portraits, and also for flower closeups in her garden. It is an awesome setup for natural light images. It is a Pentax K-5 with a Pentax 100MM macro lens on it. We mostly use Nikon equipment, but this Pentax setup has many advantages that the Nikon does not offer: 1-The major advantage is that the camera itself is image stabilized. Nikon does not offer this. This helps get sharp photos without flash. 2-The lens itself is amazingly small and sharp....

How to look your best in wedding photos!

Here are some tips that you can use so that you look great in all of your wedding photos! 1-Turn sideways to the camera. This helps make you look thinner, as less of your body is visible to the camera. Never stand square to the camera. 2-Put all your weight on your back foot, and point your front foot towards the camera. This helps give the body subtle curves, which tend to be more flattering photographically. 3-Do not wear glitter! The flash of the camera will reflect off of the glitter...

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