Heather & Joe’s Love Story:

How did you meet? Joe and I met at a mutual friend’s family dinner. Joe grew up with our mutual friend (I knew him from undergrad at UVM) and was close with their family. I thought Joe was so cute and kind of shy (little did I know). He talked about how he was growing a big garden on his family’s farm and thought that was very impressive. After 3 years of dating, Joe proposed on the top of Mount Philo. It was May 20th, beautiful out, and it was just Joe, Huck (ou dog) and I at the top!

Tell us about your gorgeous ring: A family friend of Joes is a jeweler. She found us the diamond and I went to her shop to get the setting and size. I love the ring so much!

How did the wedding planning go? I planned most of the wedding with the help of family. We were so lucky to have Geoff, owner of The Portrait Gallery, available to join us on our ceremony day and his associate JL at our reception/celebration. They made our wedding look like a fairytail (our style). I can’t stop looking at the photos and reliving the two days. Especially the reception because the alcohol was flowing and my memory was spotty lol.

Who did you work with on the big day? True Vermont Beauty did my hair and makeup on the ceremony day. They did such an amazing job with my mom, mother in-law, sister-in-law, and my hair/makeup. We had the Dutch Mill cater our reception, with the best BBQ pulled pork we’ve ever had. Mac and cheese, Swedish meatballs, chicken breast, salad, and rolls. We also used Bounce Around VT for the bounce house for our reception.

Music? Our DJ was Chris Capozzi from Boston, he is a friend of my good friend and when we were struggling to find a DJ, he said he was available to make the trip! He did such an amazing job and we kept the night going for another hour because everyone was having so much fun dancing. He also joined us when we went out after!

Tell us about the big day! We ended up getting married in the church that Joe’s family attends and that Joe and his family’s company helped build. We only had 10 guests, our parents, siblings, grandmothers and 2 of Joe’s aunts (and of course Huck). After the ceremony we took pictures with Geoff at the church and the Shelburne Farms. All the guests at the wedding joined us for dinner that night at the Windjammer (my favorite restaurant- went there on my 16th, 21st, and 30th bday, plus many date nights with Joe). The reception was at Joe’s grandmother’s house, only 5 minutes from where we live. We rented a tent from VT Tent Company to host the reception outside. We had the best night with friends and family. We spend the night playing games, eating, drinking, and dancing the night away. The weather was perfect. The sunset was amazing to get beautiful photos with the sunset.

wedding dress detail

bride getting ready

brides day

before the wedding

private ceremony

wedding dog

family portraits

at the altar

Backlit altar

Backlit altar kiss

Backlit altar kiss nose to nose

Backlit altar kiss touching

outside the church

wedding day walk

sepia tone wedding

lake view wedding

formal garden wedding

Garden portraits

my bride

wedding fun