It was a warm and sunny Vermont day on the mountainside of Burke Mountain Resort, for the wedding of Nicholas and Madalyne! What a lovely view that was enjoyed by guests and lots of dragonfly’s as well! I got my BA Degree in photography a few miles away in Lyndon, and it is always nice to return to my old stomping grounds. I had a blast with these 2 nature lovers. This first image was so difficult! The bright afternoon sun was blinding. My eyes were watering and it was hard to see properly. I placed these 2 lovebirds with the sun behind, as I always love that look! Using a tripod (look ma no hands) I was able to block the sun (from hitting the front of the lens) with a reflector in my left hand, while triggering the camera with my right hand. It was so bright I could not even tell if they were in focus, but they were-thanks Nikon!


Grooms big day

bride getting dressed

portraits of each spouse to be

Wedding first look

wedding family portraits

wedding family portraits fun

wedding party photos

here comes the bride

wide angle wedding ceremony

our wedding vows

we did it my new spouse

wedding on the mountain top

hanging out wedding party

our beautiful vermont wedding site

wedding day walk

wedding family portraits

introducing the new husband and wife

first dance for husband and wife

wedding day toasts

we just got married

sunny day wedding portrait

wedding day sepia

wedding dance with parents

bride and groom cut the cake

wedding reception fun

wedding reception dancefloor fun

more wedding reception dancefloor fun

cloudy wedding day sunset