Today we take a look at the wedding of Mariah and David! They got married at The Old Lantern in Charlotte, Vermont. They did a First Look and then I whisked them down to Lake Champlain for a fast paced photo shoot. That was before the wedding, which allowed us to get most of the posed images out of the way. We also did all of the wedding party prior to the ceremony, which is a great time saver. I love the above photo! I always like to shoot through foliage, as it gives great effects. I selectively focus on the wedding couple, and let everything else go soft. Touch focus and eye recognition makes it so much easier then the old days! I set up my camera on a tripod and found the perfect spot. Then I grabbed our newlyweds for a few seconds, and a minute later I was done and sent them back to the party. I used my killer Sigma 135 ART lens. But now the 135 has competition, as I just got the Nikon 105 macro lens. Not sure which one will win the coveted spot in my bag.

Getting ready for the big day!

Men will be men

just before the wedding

brides reveal

first look

wedding by the lake

posed bridal portraits

happy wedding party

wedding day fun

wedding fun for the ladies

going down the aisle

here comes the bride

teary eyed groom

funny wedding ceremony

saying the vows

wedding day first kiss

family wedding photos

family wedding photos

romantic quiet wedding moment

bit of wedding fun

first dance as husband and wife

wedding day toast

the happy married couple

the bride cuts the cake

wedding day parent dance

crazy wedding dance

packed wedding dance floor

more wedding dancing fun

wedding album cover